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Modified Illuminated Shift Knob - Bright Chrome


Bright Chrome Modified BMW Shift Knob (Illuminated)

BMW sells a wide variety of shift knobs that are made from 2 pieces. The larger "primary" piece of this shift knob is Bright Chrome (Pure Chrome). The smaller secondary piece of the knob is leather or Alcantara. The leather provides a good grip for your fingers while the non-leather primary portion wears better than leather. We can mix and match any combination of primary material and secondary leather for you. We've listed some combinations here, but literally anything is possible. After you choose your materials, choose your shift pattern insert.

Price varies based on final shift knob configuration

Build the Shift Knob that you want!

  1. Select your Secondary Material: The front portion of the Shift Knob can be either leather or Alcantara
  2. Select your Shift Pattern: M 5 Speed, M 6 Speed with M Stripes, or M 6 Speed (M 6 Speed available for an additional $140)
  3. Select your Connector: Early Model (Pre-2001MY) Connector*, Late Model (2001+ MY)*, Early Model Connector with Retrofit Kit (available for an additional $20)

* - If your car has an illuminated shift knob currently, select either the Early Model (Pre-2001MY) or Late Model (2001+ MY) connector. If your car does not have an illuminated shift knob, order the Early Model Connector with Retrofit Kit (available for an additional $20)

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