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Illuminated ZHP Shift Knob w/ White Illumination

$195.00 $340.00

Only 1 Available!

A few years ago I did a small run of Illuminated ZHP Shift Knobs and used White LEDs instead of Amber. This helped match the illumination to some of the more modern M models that had White dash lighting. This was a small run and when I ran out of LEDs, I stopped making them. I kept one shift knob, just in case, and it has been sitting in a box since. Still new and sporting an M 6 Speed Shift Pattern, this shift knob is truly perfect. 

Considered by many to be the World's best BMW shift knob, this OEM BMW Shift Knob comes straight from the ZHP 330. At 3" tall, it is 3/4" shorter than the stock BMW Shift Knobs and is slightly weighted. The shorter height and added weight make for smoother shifting. Available in Black Leather with a polished ring at the base. 

Built with a 2001+ connector, this shift knob will be a plug and play replacement for your stock illuminated shift knob. 

Typically I charged a lot more for the M 6 Speed Insert. Read why below. 

The only way to get the 6 Speed w/ M Logo Insert is for us to buy a complete shift knob and remove the insert. These shift knobs are expensive so we have to charge more for the insert. 

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