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Pre-Order - Z3 M coupe Sunroof Sunshade


Pre-Order - We are currently accepting Pre-Orders for our FINAL run of coupe Sunshades. Shipping will begin in early November. We are only making a small batch and when these are gone, they are gone. 

The Z3/M coupe Sunshade is back!

One of the quirks about the Z3 and M coupes is the glass roof panel. Even though it comes heavily tinted from the factory, it lets a lot of heat into the passenger compartment. The large size doesn't help either. Especially for those of us with very little hair on our heads, it can be a real nuisance! This is a must-have for all coupes. The Removable Sunshade fits into place with Velcro, allowing it to be easily removed when needed. It's white on the side that faces outwards to minimize heat absorption, and has a textured black finish on the inside to match your headliner. Cutouts make removal easier and allow some light through.

Easy installation

The Sunshade mounts to the metal frame of the sunroof (it does not touch the glass) with Velcro and will work with the sunroof open or closed.

A note about shipping: We can ONLY ship this item UPS Ground regardless of the shipping method selected during checkout. Feel free to select the cheapest shipping method available, we won't bill you the difference. No PO Boxes and no shipping outside the CON-US at this time.

A note about Pre-Orders: Please consider a Pre-Order a full commitment to buy. I will offer a cancellation or refund if the product does not go to production. Please be patient, ABS plastic is very difficult to get and my manufacturer has bigger order to fill. Plan on early to mid November for this item to ship to you.

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