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OEM BMW Shift Pattern Insert


Original BMW Shift Pattern Inserts replace the worn out pattern in your car if you don't want to spring for a new shift knob. Select insert when checking out.

The Shift Pattern Insert are the domed style insert, they are not the flat insert found on the newer style BMW shift knobs.

This item not eligible for return or exchange.

While some of the Shift Pattern Inserts will allow illumination to pass through, others will not. If you have an illuminated shift knob, you will want an insert indicated as 'Illuminated'.

  • M Logo insert (Top Left) - non-Illuminated
  • Plain 5 Speed insert (Top Middle) - non-Illuminated
  • M 5 Speed insert (Top Right) - Illuminated
  • 6 Speed M Stripe insert (Bottom Left) - Illuminated
  • Plain 6 Speed insert (Bottom Middle) - non-Illuminated
  • M 6 Speed insert (Bottom Right) - non-Illuminated

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