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Daytime Running Lights (DRL) Module


Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are currently standard equipment on most BMWs around the world. This was not the case for the US-spec Z3s (and other US E36 cars). DRLs offer an additional measure of safety: when the car is running, the DRL module will turn on the high beam headlights at 80% of their full intensity. This makes your car more visible, even during daylight hours, to both other cars and pedestrians. The DRL module will not turn on the tail lights or the interior lights. It will allow you to run the parking and/or fog lights while still running the high beams at 80%. But as soon as you turn the headlights on, the DRL module will turn off the high beams and return high beam control to the stalk on the steering wheel. Installation is simple... the DRL module replaces the stock high beam headlight relay located in the driver's footwell. Our kit includes detailed instructions as well as certain one-use-only interior trim pieces. Fits all Z3/M roadsters and coupes.

Specify black or beige interior trim when ordering

Note: Some model year 2000 Z3's will have the Airbag Warning Light come on when the DRL Module is installed. This only occurs on the 2000 cars and I am not sure if it is every car or just some. If you own a 2000 year, you may get an airbag warning light when the DRL Module is installed.

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