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Oil Distribution Block


Our Oil Distribution Block will not win any awards for beauty. It wasn't designed to. Instead, we made our block as small as possible. The advantage to using an oil distribution block when installing gauges is (1) you won't have to replace your oil pan drain plug with an aftermarket oil temperature sender and (2) the amount of wiring in your engine bay is reduced by half.

Our Oil Distribution Block replaces the stock oil pressure switch on most 6-cylinder BMWs (all except 2001-2002 S54 3.2L M engines) and puts the senders in the ideal location: right by the oil filter. Our Oil Distribution Block will accept M14x1.5 Oil Temperature Senders and 1/8-27 NPT Oil Pressure Senders. Our block is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and it comes with a banjo bolt and 2 crush washers. Installation instructions only included with Complete Gauge Kits and are not included with individual components.

We sell them either with senders pre-installed and properly torqued, or without any senders ready for your custom application. Installing just an Oil Pressure Gauge? Simply leave the Oil Temperature Sender alone (it will be there if you decide to add an Oil Temp gauge down the road). Our Oil Pressure Sender is Dual Output, one output for the Oil Pressure Gauge, one for the warning light on your dash allowing you to keep the low oil indicator light.

Please check and confirm fitment in your application before ordering.

Oil Distribution Block (No Senders): $135.00

Oil Distribution Block with VDO Oil Pressure (80psi) and Oil Temperature (300degrees F) Senders: $198.00

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