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Leather or Alcantara Sample


Want to see a small sample of color or material before you order? Order a sample today. Leather or Alcantara samples are small cuttings (approximately 1" square) of the actual material we use for our products. Please Note: I do not sell leather or Alcantara. 

About Matching Leather

Matching leather is an art, not a science. While we have access to over 700 different colors and grades of leather and many colors of Alcantara, the colors we keep in stock are limited to those we found the most popular among BMW owners. I match the leather I use to new, OEM BMW leather. Leather does change color over time due to exposure to the elements, general care conditions and time. Because of this, it is best for me to use OEM BMW leather as a guide. The leather I match from is essentially new, and has not been exposed to the elements or any type of chemical cleaners and conditioners. As such, the match may be slightly off from what is in your car. The above picture is meant to serve as a guide. Because computer monitors may vary the color, and my skills as a photographer are weak, I urge you to request a sample of the leather you are interested in before making a purchase. Please do not rely on your computer monitor to match your leather.

Requesting a sample of leather before buying

I offer samples of leather to US shipping addresses. If you are outside the US, you may request a sample by sending a self-addressed, postage paid envelope to me (sorry but I do not mail samples outside the US at my expense). To request a sample, add the colors you wish to see to your cart and checkout. I will mail you a small sample of the actual material. Custom colors are available but may require a minimum order. If you require a custom color, please email and I will work with you.


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