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Z3 Armrest Bundle - Right Hand Drive Variant


This armrest is ONLY for Right Hand Drive vehicles. This DOES NOT fit North American cars, it is for Right Hand Drive (European) cars!

Why settle on only giving one of your arms a rest, the Z3 Armrest Bundle will give both of your elbows a place to get some R&R. The Z3 Armrest bundle includes both a Mark2 Armrest as well as a Set/Pair of Door Armrests.

Price varies based on final armrest configuration

Select the Armrest that is right for you:

  1. Mark2 Armrest RHD - Armrest Only - Already have the 2 Cupholder console in your car? The Mark2 Armrest RHD - Armrest Only mounts to your existing Cupholder.
  2. Mark2 Armrest RHD - Large Storage Base - Looking for more storage? This is a great upgrade to your center console.
  3. Mark2 Armrest RHD - 2 Cupholder Base - A great compromise when you want storage and 2 drink holders.

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