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BMW F10 M5 Illuminated ZHP Knob


While we offer our own version of the Illuminated ZHP Shift Knob, you may want to stick with OEM. This shift knob comes out of the F10 M5. It comes from BMW with amber illumination and the M 6 Speed Insert (which is very difficult to get!). While the shift knob itself will fit any manual transmission, please note that the shift boot will only fit the F10 M5. Therefore, if you are installing this shift knob in any other car, you will need to remove the shift boot. If you are nervous about doing this, I do offer the shift knob with the shift boot removed (I charge a lot for this as it is very easy to damage the shift knob when removing the boot).

A SERIOUSLY Important note about the shift boot

The Shift Boot attached to the F10 M5 Shift Knob ONLY fits the F10 5 series M5. It does NOT fit any other BMW car. If you do not have an F10 M5, the Shift Boot will not fit and you will need to separate the Shift Knob from the Shift Boot. 

Price varies based on final shift knob configuration

Build the BMW F10 M5 Illuminated ZHP Knob that you want!

  1. Select your Configuration*: With Shift Boot Attached or With Shift Boot Removed (available for an additional $60)
  2. Select your Shift Pattern: 5 Speed w/ M Logo, 6 Speed w/ Stripes, 6 Speed w/ M Logo
  3. Select your Connector**: Early Model (Pre-2001MY) Connector, Late Model (2001+ MY), Early Model Connector with Retrofit Kit (available for an additional $20)

* - Shift Boot Removed selection does not include the shift boot. The boot is always damaged when separating the knob cleanly and can't be re-used.

** - If your car has an illuminated shift knob currently, select either the Early Model (Pre-2001MY) or Late Model (2001+ MY) connector. If your car does not have an illuminated shift knob, order the Early Model Connector with Retrofit Kit (available for an additional $20)

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