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Mark4 Armrest


Limited Availability - The Mark4 stock I have is the from the final production run. I will not be making this product once I have sold out. 

Fits all BMW E85 and E86 Z4's (including M models)

Select Material and Base color (Dark Silver or Black) when ordering.

The Mark4 Armrest was completely designed and developed by LeatherZ specifically for the E85/E86 Z4. The Mark4 is designed to bring both driver and passenger elbows up to an equal height with the door armrests - Equal elbow height has proven to reduce fatigue on long trips and improve posture. At the same time, the Mark4 is not too high that it will interfere with shifting.

With 48.75 Cubic Inches of interior storage space, the Mark4 has 3.5 times the interior storage space of the Mark2. In a way, the Mark4 is more of a stowbox than an armrest. We wanted to offer owners as much enclosed storage space as possible.

The Mark4 is designed to be self-locating by features in the interior of the Z4. No tools or special training are required for installation. We do include detailed instructions.


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