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Z3/M coupe Extended Leather Hatch Trim


The LeatherZ Z3/M coupe Extended Leather Hatch Trim adds more leather (and potentially more color, if you choose) to your coupe. Like a lot of the products we sell, it won't make your car any faster. But it won't make it any slower either! The best part of the kit is it is 100% reversible so you can return your car to its stock condition at any time...the kit requires no glues or nasty adhesives.

We offer this item in two forms:

The Junior Upholsterer Kit ($98.00): Our Step-by-Step Instructions will guide you through the process of doing the upholstery work yourself. Since there is no glue or adhesives used during the installation process, it is a pretty straightforward modification. With this option, we send you everything you need: 1 piece of leather cut to size, 2 pieces of cotton badding so you can select the 'puffyness' and detailed Instruction Guide. If you select this option and decide midway through that you would like us to do the work, it is not a problem.

The Finished Kit ($160.00): You remove and send your rear hatch trim to us and we will install the leather panel for you. You then re-install the completed trim and you are done. Turnaround time is approximately 24 hours from when we receive your trim panel. Simply select this option and checkout. We will email you instructions on how to remove the trim panel and where to send the part.

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