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Illuminated ZHP Short Shift Knob


Considered by many to be the World's best BMW shift knob, this OEM BMW Shift Knob comes straight from the ZHP 330. At 3" tall, it is 3/4" shorter than the stock BMW Shift Knobs and is slightly weighted. The shorter height and added weight make for smoother shifting. Available in Black Leather with a polished ring at the base.

Price varies based on final shift knob configuration

Build the Illuminated ZHP Shift Knob that you want!

  1. Select your Shift Pattern: 5 Speed w/ M Logo or 6 Speed w/ Stripes
  2. Select your Connector: Early Model (Pre-2001MY) Connector*, Late Model (2001+ MY)*, Early Model Connector with Retrofit Kit (available for an additional $20)

* - If your car has an illuminated shift knob currently, select either the Early Model (Pre-2001MY) or Late Model (2001+ MY) connector. If your car does not have an illuminated shift knob, order the Early Model Connector with Retrofit Kit (available for an additional $20)

Why can't I order with the 6 Speed w/M Logo Insert?

The only way to get the 6 Speed w/ M Logo Insert is for us to buy a complete shift knob and remove the insert. These shift knobs are expensive so we have to charge more for the insert. The insert also gets damaged very easily when it is removed. If you want an Illuminated ZHP Shift Knob with the 6 Speed w/ M Logo Insert, you will need to purchase the F10 M5 Illuminated ZHP Shift Knob. It comes with that insert so we don't need to charge more for it. You can find it here: F10 M5 Illuminated ZHP Shift Knob

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