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Mark2 Plus Armrest - Right Hand Drive Variant


This armrest is ONLY for Right Hand Drive vehicles. This DOES NOT fit North American cars, it is for Right Hand Drive (European) cars!

The Mark2 Armrest was completely designed and developed by LeatherZ. The Mark2 is designed to look and perform like an original BMW part...It's no mistake that it looks like an E36/E46 armrest. The Mark2 is designed to work with the "new style" BMW cupholder, which has a coinholder and 2 forward-located cupholders. We make each one by hand and use the same leather that have made LeatherZ famous.

Price varies based on final armrest configuration

Select the Armrest that is right for you:

  1. Mark2 Armrest RHD - Armrest Only - Already have the 2 Cupholder console in your car? The Mark2 Armrest RHD - Armrest Only mounts to your existing Cupholder.
  2. Mark2 Armrest RHD - Large Storage Base - Looking for more storage? This is a great upgrade to your center console.
  3. Mark2 Armrest RHD - 2 Cupholder Base - New Version - Need two cupholders and storage, the 2 Cupholder Base is here to help!

Due to issues with the USPS and shipping this armrest, assembly is required - I can no longer ship the armrest assembled. Detailed installation instructions and all mounting hardware are included.


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